Helping you live more joyfully

  "Joy is the spiritual sweetness that was given to us at the beginning." - K. Simmons

"Joy is the spiritual sweetness that was given to us at the beginning." - K. Simmons

Kandace V. Simmons fuses mindfulness and spiritual strategies with business savvy to support people in living more joyful lives. As the former president of a multi-million dollar building design firm, Kandace understands the pressures that entrepreneurs and senior executives face and the deep schism that occurs when outer success does not yield inner happiness.  Now she has devoted herself to helping professionals feel and experience joy and peace regardless of outside circumstances and thereby improve all aspects of their lives.

Seeking to synthesize and expand all of her previous experiences, Kandace attended and was ordained as an interfaith minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.  Understanding that all spiritual traditions are of benefit, she is committed to providing unique, holistic, and individualized support to clients with connecting to the deep well of wisdom and inspiration within.  This spiritual and psychological work enhances creativity, develops inner wisdom, improves relationships, and ignites passion for spirit, mind, and body wellness as well as joyful living.

Kandace offers a 50-minute complimentary spiritual strategy session to clarify your vision for 2015 and move you towards a life in which you are living your passion, experiencing growth, and feeling peace.  Please send her a message at if this speaks to you.

A graduate of Yale University, Kandace served as a senior advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of the second largest casino in the world where her responsibilities included diversifying amenities at the resort.  Kandace led negotiations and due diligence to lease and develop a 65,000 square foot celebrity chef center with a development budget in excess of $100 million.  It was during this experience that Kandace recommitted to deepening her meditation practices to address the stresses of operating in a nearly 24-hour work environment.

Kandace studied architecture at Pratt Institute and is a licensed real estate broker.  For eight years, she served as the mayor's representative to the NYC Public Design Commission, which approves the design of all buildings and permanent artwork on City property as well as parks.  As a non-dogmatic meditation teacher, she encourages students to develop practices that are simple yet meaningful, practical yet profound. She offers counseling to couples in advance of their nuptials and will travel for ceremonies.  In addition to weddings, she leads house and baby blessings/naming ceremonies, vow renewals, and delivers memorial services.