the joyful life formula

 ©2014 Andres Amador - All Rights Reserved

©2014 Andres Amador - All Rights Reserved

Are you facing consistent or enduring professional or personal challenges although your life looks like a success on the outside? 

Do you want to uncover, shift, or have a huge breakthrough with your limiting beliefs and patterns that have kept you stuck, stressed out, or sabotaging your dreams? 

Are you exhausted from multitasking and keeping a lot of balls in the air?

Are you are ready for your life to be different?


What I want you to know is this...

You can wake up every morning feeling joy and knowing that you can experience grace and ease regardless of life's challenges.

You can feel confident in your decisions by learning to trust, not just your logical mind, but also your intuition and inner wisdom.

You can start asking for what you want personally or professionally with confidence and courage.

You can release the false burden of having to do everything yourself and experience freedom.

You are worthy of investing in yourself to have the life that you want.

I want to support you in living joyfully and would love to gift you with a complimentary Joyful Life Strategy Session with me.  

 This 50-minute call is a powerful opportunity to: 

  • Clarify your vision for 2015 to move you towards a life in which you are living your passion, experiencing growth, and feeling peace.
  • Discover the obstacles that get in your way (they are not what you think they are).
  • Plan and discover next steps to help you move forward.

All you need to do to receive this complimentary session is contact me at  


You can start living more joyfully now!